Spectrophotemtry Applications and Fundamentals

Fundamentals of Spectrophotometry

Optical spectroscopy in the ultraviolet and visible (UV/VIS) light spectrum is one of the most common techniques for the physical characterization of fluids in a laboratory environment. Based on the absorption of light by a sample, it is widely used across a broad range of fields and applications in research, production and quality control.   UV/VIS…

Chemical innovations impact our everyday life.

It’s All About Chemistry

Chemical innovations and developments impact our everyday life. In fact, the modern world wouldn’t be the same without chemical inventions. Without chemistry, people would die younger from diseases because there would be no antibiotics to fight infections. And without chemistry, everyday life would be considerably more challenging. Just imagine a world without fuels, anesthetics or batteries. The following article covers chemical inventions you might not have thought about.

Titration Is A Widely Used Quantitative Analytical Technique

Understanding Titration

Titration is used for quantitative analysis in a wide range of laboratory settings. Reliable results are dependent on selecting the correct titration technique for your application, and performing the chosen method in a correct, reproducible manner. This guide aims to provide a thorough understanding of the principles of titration, and the difference between analytical techniques.…