Rapid Decision Making Enabled Through Chemical Process Intensification - Presented by Merck

Within chemical process development, program timing often dictates making informed decisions with limited process understanding, especially in the early clinical delivery space.

To facilitate this, the Merck Process Development Intensification Laboratory is tasked with developing tools and methodologies aimed towards acquisition of deeper, more fundamental process understanding in a resource sparing manner. These chemical process development techniques are centrally focused around data intensification, or more specifically, more efficient data capture, data reduction and data analysis enabled by:

  • Process Modeling
  • High Throughput Automation
  • Process Analytical Technologies (PAT)
  • Automated Reactor Implementation
  • Statistically Designed Experimentation and Analysis (DoE)

During this webinar, some of the developed methodologies around data intensification and rapid optimization are presented with examples including:

  1. Optimization of a palladium catalyzed C-O coupling reaction
  2. Risk mitigation studies associated with solids suspension and dissolution across lab and pilot scale execution
  3. Rapid identification of the preferred operating conditions of an aryl ether de-protection reaction on a very aggressive timeline