PAT Tool Aids Understanding of Crystallization Processes

Introducing a New Tool for Inline Particle Characterization

Crystallization is a challenging process where the particle size after isolation can have a dramatic impact on downstream processing operations. Implementing the latest Process Analytical Technology (PAT) tools can help scientists and engineers to accelerate decision-making and speed process development.

Particles, crystals and droplets are formed in chemical processes across a range of industries, and often pose a challenge for scientists and engineers tasked with optimizing product quality and process efficiency. In-process measurement of particles can reduce the error associated with offline testing, and can provide continuous information about particle behaviour under changing process conditions. This helps scientists to understand and optimize difficult processes using evidence-based methods.

This online event discusses a new PAT tool that combines ease of use with powerful analytics, allowing scientists and engineers to quickly understand and control their particle processes. Topics include:

  • Powerful in situ imaging as a tool for understanding crystallization
  • Image analysis for particle design and optimization
  • Case studies demonstrating faster crystallization process development