Webinar: Optimize combustion in industrial processing

Minimizing fuel consumption, maximizing safety, and compliance with ever more stringent emissions regulations are all achievable with the use of the correct oxygen and carbon monoxide measurement systems.

There are literally tens of thousands of combustion processes in operation globally, ranging from small to medium scale waste incinerators, right the way up to large scale power plants. Industries as diverse as refining and petrochemical, chemical intermediates and iron and steel production utilize a variety of furnaces, boilers, kilns, process-fired heaters, incinerators and thermal oxidizers in their operations. Each of these combustion processes requires a reliable and cost-effective oxygen measurement, along with the means to react quickly in case of changing combustion conditions, usually by the means of carbon monoxide measurement.

Learn how to minimize fuel consumption, maximize safety and comply with stringent emissions regulations. The presenter will survey measurement technologies for oxygen and carbon monoxide measurement and provide the overview of pros and cons to consider before procurement decisions.