On-demand Webinar: Good Weighing Practice

This on-demand webinar is designed to overcome common misconceptions about balance selection and use, as well as incorrect testing programs for periodic verification. It will be particularly beneficial for QA/QC, compliance, laboratory and production managers, and those staff responsible for weighing balances.

Part 1 of this webinar deals with the cornerstones for evaluating and selecting an appropriate weighing system: measurement uncertainty and minimum weight. It explains how to select the correct system to reliably meet individual users’ weighing accuracy requirements, and how to calibrate the balance and document compliance, including determining the measurement uncertainty and minimum weight at the installation location. Relevant GxP, ISO and other regulations are discussed – including examples of FDA warning letters – as well as management considerations to help bridge the gap between sustaining the quality of weighing data, reducing risk and enhancing efficiency.

Language: English, French, Chinese, German, Croatian
Duration: 1 hour