Live-Webinar: Lean Laboratory Principles

2021.01.21 - 07.15

Learn the basic principles of the original "Lean" idea and know the tools for systematically improving the efficiency of your workflows. A lean laboratory can be achieved by avoiding several forms of waste, which is everything that does not generate value.

Attending this webinar will give you some ideas how you can use technical aspects of your laboratory equipment and workflows to optimize your processes according to the lean idea.

Learn in this webinar about:

  • Principles of the ‘Lean’ Idea
  • Analogies between Lean Manufacturing and Lean Lab
  • Which Degree of  Automation is Helpful
  • Reduce wastes in the Lab and Increase Efficiency


Duration: 25 min

21.1.2021 09:00 [ English ]
21.1.2021 17:00 [ English ]
15.7.2021 09:00 [ English ]
15.7.2021 17:00 [ English ]