Successful Integration of Weighing

Achieve fast and accurate filling

Filling by weight has many advantages compared to volumetric filling with flowmeters or other such devices, including accuracy, ease of calibration, and facilitation of statistical process control and traceability. A huge variety of materials are filled and a corresponding variety of fillers used; weighing is the one universal technology that can be used regardless of the material or container characteristics.

This free guideline:

  • Addresses end-users who plan on purchasing a filling machine as well as machine builders, helping them to assess their current filling devices and to evaluate alternative solutions.
  • Provides an overview of the more common filling terminology and technologies and the advantages and disadvantages of each. This will allow informed dialogue with potential vendors and be useful in creating professional requests for quote.
  • Includes useful information for machine builders to optimize the performance of their filling machines.
  • Explaisn the relationship between speed and accuracy and other factors which influence filling performance.