Maxim Group Utilizes a Vision Inspection Solution for Quality Control of Glass Containers

After an evaluation of their quality control processes related to the use of glass containers for cosmetics, Maxim Group made the decision to install a vision system to strengthen their quality control process. Although their processes were already compliant with industry standards, Maxim decided extra security was worth the effort.

Maxim relies on outside suppliers for the glass crucibles used for their cosmetics. While these suppliers have their own quality control processes, Maxim decided to perform their own inspection of the crucibles prior to filling. They contacted a vision equipment supplier, who performed an evaluation of the containers and designed a vision inspection system which performs two important inspections on the empty containers.

The first inspection looks for glass shards which may have found their way into the container. This could be due to any number of factors, including damage during transport. The second inspection specifically inspects the tops of the crucibles, looking for chips or flaws in the threads. Defective containers are removed from the production line before they have a chance to cause problems further on in the production process.

For more information on the vision system utilized by Maxim, you can download the complete case study.