Is Corrosion Eroding Your Bottom Line?

Prevention is better than cure. A statement that is particularly true when dealing with corrosion and its effects. It is not just the repair or replacement of damaged equipment that is expensive. Significant amounts of money are lost on subsequent production downtime, environmental damage, and health and safety hazards. Taken together, annual costs of corrosion have been estimated at 3 trillion USD globally, of which approximately 25 % can be attributed to process industries and power utilities.

External measures such as painting, coating, and cathodic protection may offer satisfactory measures in sustaining integrity of engineering structures, but protecting the inside of process equipment requires a different approach. Constructing an entire plant from corrosion resistant, exotic materials usually involves an exorbitant initial cost. Therefore, corrosion protection programs are usually based on chemical treatment. The effectiveness of specialty chemicals very much depends on process conditions, and as these may vary, so will the quality of the treatment. To err on the safe side by expensive overdosing of corrosion inhibitors has therefore become the rule rather than exception.

This guide shows you the role in-line analytics play in keeping corrosion under control and avoiding unnecessary chemicals consumption in (petro)chemical plants.