How Effective Batch Control Improves Quality and Efficiency

An accurate, reliable weighing system that measures ingredients and transfers them into the batch is a critical part of the process. This process can be automated, manual, or a blend of both.

Realistically, automated material transfer and batch control can be managed at the weighing terminal instead of a full-scale PLC or DCS control system. The right weighing terminal/system can also guide manual batching. A stand-alone batch control system may be of particular benefit in smaller-scale operations because it eliminates the processing time and cost associated with PLC programming.

This paper will explore benefits of stand-alone batch control and discuss ways they help:

  • Achieve consistent results
  • Increase efficiency
  • Lower costs

Ultimately, consistent results increase customer satisfaction and make it easier to meet processing or product certification standards. The right solution will give rise to process transparency while simultaneously improving a company’s bottom line.