Ensure Reliable and Consistent Moisture Results

The accuracy and precision of sensitive measuring equipment such as moisture analyzers can be affected by many factors, for example environmental conditions and operator influences, significantly affecting the end results. High quality results depend on the instrument functioning correctly at all times, making the elimination of potential sources of measurement error vital.

The performance of moisture analyzers may vary during operation for many reasons, and some influences can be hard to control. Accuracy and precision are affected by a range of factors. Some are permanent, such as incorrect adjustment of the heating unit or mechanical defects of the weighing unit, while others are temporary, for example, air drafts, vibrations and room temperature fluctuations, and user errors, including incorrect sample handling and preparation or operating errors.

This white paper describes the factors that can influence accuracy as well as potential sources of error during moisture analysis. It also details routine tests that can help ensure reliable moisture content determination and correct functioning of the instrument.