Double Compliance - Checkweighing of Aerosols

Peter Kwasny GmbH is a German producer of spray paints with a production volume of 30,000,000 aerosol cans a year. The company mainly supplies industrial customers. The great number of different products demands a high degree of automation. To optimize its production line, Kwasny heavily invested in new automation technology and equipment, including an advanced inline checkweighing system.

The large number of products, as well as small batch sizes required the in-line checkweighing system to handle product changeovers quickly. Kwasny's IT department's close co-operation with the checkweigher manufacturer resulted in a well-performing flexible solution that connects the customer product database with the checkweigher. The checkweigher plays an important role as it helps Kwasny has to comply with two key regulations:  as an aerosol processor, Kwasny must comply with the German Finished Packaging Regulation (FVPO) to ensure that weight deviations stay within the statutory requirements; second, the Aerosol Dispenser Directive (ADD) implies that the maximum fill volume of a spray can has to be 90 percent at 50 degrees Celsius. Both verifications are performed by in-line weight checking.