Reference Paper: Eight Steps to Ensure a Clean Balance – and Tips to Keep it That Way

Maintaining balance cleanliness is an essential part of laboratory housekeeping. This helps to minimize the risk of cross-contamination, increase operating reliability, reduce equipment failure rates and enhance user safety.

A clean balance is the first step towards safe and accurate weighing, and is the most important action to prolong the instrument’s lifetime. Cleaning helps to reduce failure rates and increase the balance’s reliability. It also improves user safety and decreases the risk of cross-contamination, each of which can result in significant expense due to repeat analyses, servicing and replacement of equipment, and impacts on staff health. Keeping balances clean is an important step towards reducing these costs.

This reference paper discusses different cleaning methods and agents, and describes five solutions to help avoid making your balance dirty during and between weighing. Topics include:

  • A simple, eight-step standard operation procedure for cleaning an analytical or precision balance
  • Recommended cleaning tools and agents
  • How to avoid making your balance dirty
  • How intelligent solutions eliminate spills altogether