5 Safety Tips for Tank Weighing

Preventing accidents that could result in the loss of life or harm personnel is the most important task for all responsible managers. For this reason, it is essential to pay attention to the most important safety tips in tank and silo design. Learn about potential dangers that can damage a tank system or weigh modules, as well as design features that can help you avoid accidents. This will not only ensure the safety and livelihood of your workers but also a continuous, efficient process that helps improve profitability.

Environmental incidents such as earthquakes, lightning and thunderstorms can severely damage a tank system. Human errors such as collisions with vehicles, imprecise installation or explosive-material failures could result in expensive plant damage or bodily harm.

Weigh modules are an integral part of a tank or silo scale's support structure. As safety-relevant equipment, they must be able to withstand lifting, compression or side-load forces resulting from strong winds, seismic activity, accidental collisions with vehicles, and torque moments from mixers. Effects from corrosion or improper repairs should be considered as well.

Safety is an incredibly important consideration for weigh modules as they often serve as the main support beams for tanks and silos. Download the quicknote to review the primary actions you should take to ensure safe tank and silo design.