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    3 Major Trends That Impact the Chemical Industry

    The global chemical industry has grown strongly in recent years. This has led to changed framework conditions and new challenges. In order to remain successful in the changed environment, chemical companies must rethink their business models, redefine innovations and exploit the potential of new technologies. Learn in this article about three major trends that impact the chemical industry and the resulting challenges. The chemical industry relie...
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    How to Deal with a Product Recall

    Receiving complaints from consumers and from major retailers about glass shards in one of your top-selling products is a horror scenario for a manufacturer. Especially when it is becoming increasingl...
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    The Importance of Employee Training in Your Company

    How to Stay Compliant With Standards and Regulations In a chemical manufacturing company it is essential to comply with standards and regulations. When an audit occurs, your company should be well pr...
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    Why REACH Could Be Important For You

    Before chemicals are brought to market in the European Union, they must be assessed and authorized in accordance with the REACH Regulation. The peculiarity is that the regulation affects not only che...


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    Maxim Group Utilizes a Vision Inspection Solution for Quality Control of Glass Containers

    After an evaluation of their quality control processes related to the use of glass containers for cosmetics, Maxim Group made the decision to install a vision system to strengthen their quality control process. Although their processes were already compliant with industry standards, Maxim decided extra security was worth the effort. Maxim relies on outside suppliers for the glass crucibles used for their cosmetics. While these suppliers have the...
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    Application Note on Insitu Gas Analysis

    As chemical plants seek ways of maintaining operational excellence and productivity at a reduced cost, naturally they will look at new instrumentation technologies that will give them a leading edge ...
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    Sensors That Learn - Take The Guesswork Out of Maintenance

    Plant safety and process reliability often rely on analytical instruments operating correctly, which means sensors must be kept in good condition. This requires regular maintenance and servicing. But...
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    Is Corrosion Eroding Your Bottom Line?

    Prevention is better than cure. A statement that is particularly true when dealing with corrosion and its effects. It is not just the repair or replacement of damaged equipment that is expensive. Sig...


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    New Short Film Takes on the Journey to Redefine the Kilogram

    In an impressive act of cooperation, the General Conference of Weights and Measures member states voted to adopt a new kilogram definition for the first time since instituting the international prototype kilogram, or IPK, in 1889. This was the culmination of the years-long effort to create greater constancy in mass measurement examined in “Everything Different, Nothing Changes: Redefinition of the SI Unit Kilogram,” a new short video. At a basic...
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    Good Weighing Practice

    GWP® Verification provides process accuracy, cost reduction and audit-proof documentation at your fingertips, for all balances and scales at your site.
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    How to Optimize Lab Processes Using Lean Laboratory - Part 2

    Lean manufacturing principles are increasingly being adopted in the laboratory environment. If Lean Laboratory is properly implemented, the results can be impressive, delivering simpler workflows and...
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    Protection methods for hazardous areas

    Accidents happen and the consequences can span from lost profit to even loss of human life. It is imperative to be aware of the protection methods available in hazardous areas. This new 20-minute web...


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    PACK EXPO East 2020

    Find packaging solutions for every industry at Pack Expo East. The trade fair brings the largest packaging innovations and top suppliers for nearly all vertical markets together with top consumer packaged goods. The event opens its doors in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 3rd – 5th March 2020. See technology in action, discuss the best solutions with industry professionals, stay on top of the latest trends and innovations: PACK EXPO is your East...
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    analytica 2020

    The analytica has been in existence since 1968 and is the world's leading trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology. This years event takes place from 31st March to 3rd April i...
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    Rapid Decision Making Enabled Through Chemical Process Intensification - Presented by Merck

    Within chemical process development, program timing often dictates making informed decisions with limited process understanding, especially in the early clinical delivery space. To facilitate this, t...
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    On-Demand Webinar: Advanced - Weighing in Hazardous Areas

    A Focus on Dust This advanced webinar takes a look at hazardous area weighing: 1st Module A focus on the risk of dust 2nd Module the advantages of intrinsically safe design 3rd Module new develo...