Lean Laboratory aims to optimize productivity and efficiency

Lean Laboratory aims to optimize productivity and efficiency, whilst eliminating any steps that do not add value. One aspect of Lean Laboratory is the systematic elimination of waste. The principle is to identify and then reduce or eliminate the time-wasting or unnecessary steps, in order to improve the efficiency and simplify the overall process.

Lean management describes 8 types of waste that exist in a business – independent of the industry – which do not add any value for the customer.  

This new guide “The Typical 8 Wastes in the Lab and How to Deal With Them” is a useful tool for lab workers. It explains what the 8 wastes are, but more importantly how to identify and eliminate these typical inefficiencies that are often described as downtime. Examples provided are based on operations using a range of benchtop laboratory equipment, such as weighing, moisture analysis, titration, pH measurement, thermal analysis, and more.